HOTLINE: 400-550-288

1z电竞比分         Serial number

                    Service requirements

                    Service requirements



                    Provide free maintenance for one year.


                    Operational training program

                    n the first and second months of use, the production unit will send professional and technical personnel to guide, supervise and inspect the operation of the product, and eliminate the quality problems in time to make the product run-in and run to the best effect. If necessary, arrange for personnel to study at the factory.


                    Emergency repair schedule

                    During the quality assurance period, the accessories cannot be repaired within 24 hours due to the failure of the accessories (the calculation from the repair time), and the company provides the same specifications and accessories for replacement. If you violate this requirement, you will deduct 1000 yuan/time from the warranty.


                    After-sales customer service hotline



                    Charges for repairs, maintenance, fees, service methods, and scope after the expiration of the warranty period.

                    The product is free to guide maintenance for life.


                    Other service commitments 1

                    During the after-sales service, the production unit shall return to the product in a quarterly quality, 4 times a year. The return visit results must be filled in the return visit certificate. In the after-sales service period can not meet the demand, will be deducted 1,000 yuan / time.


                    Other service commitments 2

                    During the design life cycle of the equipment, the manufacturer guarantees that the user will replace the original parts with the original to ensure the normal use of the equipment.


                    Other service commitments 3

                    The manufacturer supplies the main parts and consumables at a discounted price when the purchaser needs to purchase them.


                    Other service commitments 4

                    During the design life cycle of the equipment, the problems raised by the use unit shall be dealt with in a timely manner, and the production shall not be delayed, and the use unit shall retain accountability.

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